Friday, April 14, 2006

Bogle Vineyards Petite Sirah - 2004

To quote the Wine Guy: "This wine is my birth into loving dry reds."

Mmmmm is all Wine Gal can say about this one. I was in the mood for something smooth & rich and this wine did not disappoint. Both the Wine Gal & Wine Guy are fairly inexperienced with the Petite Sirah grape, but I think it might be one of Wine Gal's new faves! :) Definitely recommend this one for just sipping on a lazy night, or it would also pair nicely with hearty foods such as steak, Italian, or other rich & flavorful dishes.

The wine was only about $7 or $8 at Trader Joe's...when the Wine Guy and I were in Indianapolis volunteering for the Final Four Tournament we decided to stop in and grab some different wines, and we're glad this is one that we chose! Read on to learn more about this full-bodied dry red.

Date tasted: 4/14/2006
Winery name & location: Bogle Vineyards, Clarksburg & Lodi, California
Grape/blend: Petite Sirah
Vintage: 2004
Color: deep purple, almost a rich magenta
Taste: full-bodied, jammy flavors, berry flavors, and hints of richness like dark chocolate. The richness lingers in your mouth on the finish.
Aroma: very rich & intense - dark chocolate, leathery, toasty
Thoughts/info from wine label: The wine label does not tell anything about this wine except its alcohol content (13.5%). The winery's website, however, lists this information about the wine: "Trademark inky and jammy tones fill the mouth with ripe fruit and berries. The voluptuous finish lingers with toasty oak and lush fruit. The firm tannins make this a wine that can develop for years to come, but you won’t want to wait that long to enjoy it!"

This wine was consumed on its own - we did not pair it with any food. It was definitely a tasty treat and a great way to wind down for the evening. Wine Guy was focused on a project while drinking this wine, so he apologizes for not having as much to say about it. Wine Gal, however, will be raving about this one for some time. It's definitely one of her (my) new favorites! :)

Below is our rating for this wine:

Wine Gal's Five Grape Tasting Scale: OOOO
Wine Guy's Five Grape Tasting Scale: OOOO
Four grapes from both of us!! Looks like a winner!!!

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