Monday, July 30, 2007

Preston of Dry Creek Zinfandel - 2004

This is a wine that we received as a wedding gift! "Preston" is a family name for the Wine Guy, so this was an extra special gift. We also received a Preston Sauvignon Blanc, which was excellent, but unfortunately we were still too lost in wedded bliss to write about it. Sorry! Anywho....the Zinfandel. First off, it's important to know that this is an organic winery. I don't know why that is important, but thought I'd throw it in there for good measure.

The Wine Guy and I both agree that this is lighter in its body than most Zins that we have experienced. We decided it's more "medium bodied" than "light bodied" though. Wine Guy describes it as having an "Airy Spice" and I know what he means by that. It has a spice that comes at the end, right as it's going down your throat, but it's not too spicy. Up front the taste is light and fruity - loads of cherry and strawberry flavors, followed by the aforementioned spice. The Wine Guy was crazy about this one! (He did cartwheels in the living room! No, just kidding...our living room isn't big enough for that). I must admit, however, that I wasn't quite as crazy about it as he was. Although it went well with our meal of spicy chicken, Au Gratin potatoes, and corn, it didn't have the velvety richness that I have come to love with so many Zins, such as Rosenblum's. It is great to pair with a simple meal, however, and we enjoyed it as we watched TV afterwards as well.

Date tasted: 7/30/2007
Winery name & location: Preston of Dry Creek, Healdsburg, California
Grape/blend: Zinfandel - Dry Creek Valley 2004 - Old Vines/Old Cloves
Vintage: 2004
Color: medium magenta
Taste: medium bodied, fruity at first, then spicy on the finish
Aroma: fruity and dry - cherry/strawberry
Thoughts/info from wine label: The wine label does not contain any supplemental information.

Below is our rating for this wine:

Wine Gal's Five Grape Tasting Scale: OO 1/2
Wine Guy's Five Grape Tasting Scale: OOO 1/2
Well, it looks as though we don't quite agree on this one. Nevertheless, it's a nice wine and would probably pair with almost anything. Better luck agreeing next time!

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