Thursday, January 29, 2009

A few new wineries

I just realized that I forgot to post info on the "new" wineries (i.e., wineries we had never visited before) that we checked out when Erin was in town almost two weeks ago! Here goes...

1) Started our day at Jacuzzi, where Karl and I are members. Good stuff, as always. I just found out that because we are Jacuzzi members, we also get 20% off all the wine at Cline, who just happens to make an EXCELLENT Old Vines Zin...SCORE!

Wine Gal and Erin at Jacuzzi to start the day.

2) Next on our list was Kaz. I saw a little ad for this tiny winery in a magazine and figured we should check it out. Honestly, I could have done without it. It had all of the ingredients of a Wine Duo Fave - small, run by family, tasting room in a barn, etc. Unfortunately the wines just didn't do much for us, and they seemed to be overpriced for the quality. We paid our $5 tasting fee (and the lady was verrrrry skimpy on the pours) and got the heck out of there. Did I mention that the woman pouring for us was clearly on drugs? Well, she was.

Wine Guy and Erin inside the Kaz tasting room. Crazy lady is behind the bar.

3) We recovered nicely with winery #3, Foppiano. I read about this one in my wine book and thought it sounded like a place we would enjoy. Even though they had some sort of private event going on, they separated it from the tasting room so we actually had the whole place to ourselves. The woman pouring for us was nice and entertaining, and the Petite Sirah was fabulous, especially considering the price! I think it was just $20, but it was one of those I would have paid $40 for.

The whole crew at Foppiano.

4) We finished off the day at a place called Seghesio. This is one that has made my list of places we should visit multiple times, but we haven't ever actually gotten around to it until now. When we first walked in I thought I might've made a looked fairly commercial and it was much more crowded than any other wineries we had visited that day. Luckily once we got up to the tasting bar my fears were long forgotten. This place had the most amazing Zins! Most of you have probably figured out by now that the Wine Duo prefers a hearty red Zin to any other wine, and Seghesio's Zins will be a Wine Duo favorite for years to come. The funny thing is we didn't even end up buying a Zin; we got the "Venom" Sangiovese instead. It was the best wine of the entire day and we decided we'll save it for a special occasion. I will let you know when said occasion happens so that I can tell you more about the wine! :)

Our friend Erin enjoying some of the "fab-o" (as she would call them) wines at Seghesio.

That's all for now! Stay tuned in the next week and we'll try to post again!

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